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Going Home

Tonight I am leaving Japan and going back home to Mississauga. I had a great time this month travelling the world and now I feel like I can truly say that I have seen the world. I miss home, I haven't seen my family or friends in a month and I am excited to see them again, but I am also sad that my trip is over. I had the most amazing time, I got to experience things that i never thought that I would experience. I travelled 32723 km, to 3 different area, 9 different countries and I have done so many unforgettable things. this trip was an experience of a lifetime and i will never forget a minute of it. i although this trip is over, I definitely plan on travelling much more in my life time. After this trip there is no way that i can stop, I had such a good time.

Korean Air 2:55p NRT - 9:25a LAX
Air Canada 1:35p LAX - 9:18p YYZ

total cost of trip:8659.35

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I am happy to arrive in Tokyo because I know that a lot of adventure awaits me, but I am also upset because I know that this is my last stop on my trip around the world and I have to go home soon. I arrived in Tokyo late, so I just went straight to my hotel to rest. I stayed at the Ours In hotel, the best value hotel in Tokyo. The hotel was $71 a night, or $284 for all four nights. The hotel was located in the middle of the city and had very good sightseeing. The hotel is spacious, as far as hotel rooms go, and it w as clean, the staff was nice and had internet and a fridge.

The first thing I did in Japan was go to the Tokyo Metropolis Government Office. This is one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo and has one of the best views of the city. The view is just amazing; you can see the whole city from the building. I thought that the city was amazing when I was on ground, but from the building, the city looked ten times more amazing then what I initially thought.

The next thing that I did was go to a baseball game. I heard so much about the culture that surrounds the game in Tokyo, I wanted to see for myself. The game took place in Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo. The energy was just amazing, you would not believe that you were half way around the world, it seemed like we were in the united states watching a Yankees game. The home team, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows won, and everyone got even more excited! After a while, I had to leave because all the craziness was just too much for me, but I am glad that I got to experience such a phenomenal game!

The next day I went to the Imperial palace, the residence of the current imperial family. It is unfortunate that you are not allowed to enter the palace, but you can see from the outside what an impressive palace it is. it is enormous and there is a lot to see, even though you’re not allowed inside. After visiting the palace, I went to the east gardens of the palace. The east garden is filled with many different flowers and trees, it is so beautiful. There are so many different types of plant life to see that you can spend a lot of time there without getting bored.

On my last day in Japan, I went to the Edo-Tokyo museum, a fascinating museum displaying artifacts and architecture from Tokyo’s past. The museum tells the story of Tokyo’s history through these artifacts. There is so much to see, from ancient times to modern times. There is also a large section about World War II, which I found very interesting. There is so much that you can learn from this museum, it is simply amazing how much knowledge you can gain from just walking around the museum.
imperial palace

imperial palace

total cost: $284

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I landed in Beijing around 8:30 on Wednesday evening. Since I wasn’t too tired from the flight, I decided to take a trip to Tiananmen Square located in the heart of modern China. It is the home to many large parades and rallies. Although not much was happening at the Square today, it was still a very interesting place to see. The square is enormous and has giant television screens, vendors, tour guides and photographers strategically placed throughout. It was a lovely experience to spend time walking around the square after spending time traveling for hours today. Not to mention that seeing the gate of the Forbidden City was spectacular! I then headed off to my hotel Swissotel Beijing. The hotel was very nice with great service and was relatively cheap. It also had a pool, hotel and fitness centre. It only cost $111.95 for a classic double room a night or 335.85 for all 3 nights

On my first full day in China, I went to the Great Wall of China because I really wanted to get the opportunity to experience the wonder of the world. I went early in the morning and there were very few other people there, so I got to see the wall all on my own. I had to hike a bit to see the wall, but it was all worth it. The scenery was just amazing. The view from the wall was beautiful. I was surprised by the sheer size of the wall, it extended so far into the distance it was impossible to see where it ended. I was able to climb the wall, which I greatly enjoyed.

After visiting the Great Wall, I went to the Forbidden City. Admission was 60 yaun, or about $10 CAD. the forbidden city is huge palace that was built in the fifteenth century, which was later, restored in the eighteenth century. The building is filled with historical importance. There is just so much to see it is enormous! Seeing the palace was a surreal experience. However, it was very unfortunate that I could not go inside of the building, do to it being off limits. But, I was able to look through the door way and windows. I would recommend a trip to the Forbidden City to anyone visiting Beijing! It is definitely something to see.

The next day I went to the Back Lakes (Hou Hai). The lake was enormous and there was just so much to do there. There were many tourists but there were also many locals visiting the beautiful lake. I walked around the lake and it was so breathtaking. We also went out on the lake in a boat and it was great fun to see! It was nice to escape the city, and be one with nature. I forgot about all of the craziness of Beijing. It is a completely different atmosphere. I spent the day just relaxing around the lake, grabbing something to eat at one of the local restaurants. I took in the surrounding beauty, resting which is something I have been in great need of while on this trip

On my last full day, I went to the Beijing Capital Museum. It consisted of five floors of unique Chinese art. When I got to the museum, I saw the beautiful building. The architecture was amazing! It wasn’t too busy inside of the museum, so I got to take a look at a lot of the artwork. On one floor, there were beautiful vases, cups and teapots. In another area, there are beautiful paintings that just stood out to me. The museum is filled with amazing art artifacts that are rich in Chinese history. My favourite floor was the contemporary Chinese art floor. It was so interesting! After the museum, I went to the Beijing Botanical Garden. The flowers are so pretty! With tulips, peonies, tropical flowers, orchids and cactuses. As a fan of gardening, the large variety of plant life really intrigued me, causing me to greatly enjoy my visit.

$584 Air China - Economy
PEK 5:25p → HND 9:45p

total cost: $929.85

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I landed in Bangkok, Thailand at 8:20 am, after a red eye flight. Normally, I would be tired, but I made sure that I got lots of rest on the flight so I would be rested and recharged for a day to exploring the city. i was staying ath the Vaboit Lodge and it was only $19 a night. it was so cheap, i just could not pass up the deal. the hotel was nice and clean, although quite small. it was a good deal for only $76 for 4 nights.

The first place I stopped while exploring the city was The Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is very famous in Bangkok and I can see why; the palace is so beautiful and there is so much to see. Everyone could find something that they liked, depending on their interests. There are things to see there about the royal family, as well as Buddhism treasures, holy water and lotus flowers. I was most interested in the royal family because I just love learning about royalty from other countries. The atmosphere of the palace was just amazing, and the architecture was spectacular. I got a free English tour so that I could learn more about some things that were new to me, like the Ramayana and the emerald Buddha (which is actually made of jade). The emerald Buddha was discovered in 1434 AD when lightning struck a Chedi and inside it, the green statue was found. The statue also has three changes of clothing to match the weather. The palace was such an amazing place to visit, I am glad that it was my first stop in Thailand.

After visiting the Grand Palace, I headed over to the sky bar. The sky bar is an amazing, multicoloured bar that in Thailand. It is suspended in the air on the 63rd floor of The Dome at State Tower. The bar was so cool; it was such as experience to just sit at the bar, 63 floors up. It was much better than a normal rooftop restaurant, you get the most amazing panoramic view of the city that is very hard to find. One of the problems with the bar was that it was very busy, because everybody wanted to see the city from so high up.

The next day I headed to the Siam Square, the heart of the city. Siam square is surrounded by enormous malls and many alleyways of tiny boutiques and markets. The shopping was just amazing; I have never seen so many stores in one area ever. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it here. I picked up a couple pieces of clothing, some very trendy and eclectic that would be nearly impossible to find back home. There was just so much to see here, even just window-shopping was so interesting.

Next, I went to Khao San road, the backpacking district and the traveller’s hub of Southeast Asia. There were so many travellers there; I even met some people from Toronto! It was so cool to meet some new people who were doing the same thing as me, travelling the world. Khao San Road has so many different types of bars, restaurants and hostels. The area was just full of people, arriving in Bangkok, leaving Bangkok or just exploring the city. The energy there was unbelievable, but I had to get out of the craziness after a while and just rest up for another exciting day in Thailand

On my last day in Bangkok, I went to the temple of the Reclining Buddha, one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok. The temple is so beautiful with intricate artwork, stunning statues and excellent murals and the reclining Buddha is such as amazing sight to see, if you ever visit Bangkok, you definitely need to see it.

On my last night in Thailand I went to the Chatuchak Market, a huge flees market with 5000-6000 stalls open. You can find anything there, and it is all very cheap! I love getting a good bargain, so this market was the place for me. In the thousands of stalls, you can find anything from clothing and textiles to food and spices. It was extremely busy, but was definitely one of the most interesting shopping experiences I have had in my life.

$328 - Economy

11:55a BKK -> 3:30p CAN
Connection CAN Guangzhou, GD, China 1h 30m
5:00p CAN -> 8:25p PEK
total cost: $404

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Arriving in Dubai was really exciting, when I was planning my dream trip around the world; I knew I just had to go to Dubai! Dubai just seems like an amazing county, very modern, yet has a lot of history at the same time. There are so many places that I really wanted to visit in Dubai, and I’m so glad I got to go!

Once we landed in Dubai, I went to my hotel, Bavaria Executive Suites Bur Dubai, a 5 star hotel that still affordable, if you would believe that. i got a 1 bedroom deluxe room, which has one bed with a bathroom and a kitchenette. the hotel room was very large, very nice and, most importantly, very clean. the hotel room only cost me $84 a night or $252 for my entire stay.

On my first day in Dubai, I went to Burj Khalifa, The tallest building in the world. I went all the way up to the 124th floor and went out to the outdoors observations deck. The view from the building was just amazing. I was so high up that I could see so much of the city around me, but everything looked so small. The city even more impressive from a distance, everything looked so perfect and peaceful. I looked out the behold telescope, where you can see the landscape in real time and see images of those landscaped taken at a different time or with different weather. It was cool to see how your view could have been different, for example if you came early in the morning, the afternoon or late at night, or if it was raining, cloudy or sunny. The view from the Burj was honestly amazing and one of the most beautiful things that I have seen this whole trip, and that’s saying something. admission into the tower was 100 AED or about $28 CAD.

After visiting the Burj, I headed to the Dubai mall of the Emirates, but I wasn’t going there just for shopping. Although I did do a bit of shopping (I just couldn’t help myself), I went mainly to go skiing. Wow, that sounds weird, I went to a mall to ski, but it’s true. The mall has an indoor ski slope, the 3rd largest in the whole world. As a lover of skiing, I just had to try some indoor skiing, and I thought that I might as well try it in Dubai. Although I love skiing, I have only ever tried it outdoors, crazy as that sounds. This skiing was good, although the hills were not as large as real mountains, like the Swiss Alps. But what do you expect from a mound of snow inside a shopping mall? The snow was actually very nice and there was a nice mix of terrain, some beginner, some intermediate and some advanced. I never thought that I would be able to go skiing in the middle east, but it is possible, and quite an enjoyable experience. After skiing, I headed back to my hotel and got some rest for my next adventures. A lift ticket wa 300 AED, or about $85 CAD for the whole day


On my second day in Dubai, I wanted to see the Dubai fountains. The fountain shoots water at heights of 500 feet, as high as a 50-story building. It was amazing to see the fountain shoot water so unbelievably high into the air. The most amazing thing about the fountain was that the shooting water was choreographed to music! There were performances and it was like the water was performing for us, it was simply amazing.

After seeing the fountain, I went to the Bur Dubai Abra Dock. I took a short, traditional boat rise for about ten minutes. I loved the boat ride; it was nice seeing the water all around me. After the boat ride, I went to the souks and galleries. There were textile souks, gold souks and art galleries.

On my third and final day in Dubai, I visited the Bastakia Quarter, which has many culturally and historically significant sights. Some of the sights that I saw were the al fahidi fort, the Dubai museum, and the sheikh Mohammed centre for cultural understanding. Along with this, there are art galleries, handicraft shops, cafes, souks, amazing views and bazaars. Walking around the Bastakia Quarter was really enjoyable, there was so much to do, it was never boring, and I could go back multiple times and not get tired of it.

After walking around the Bastakia Quarter, I decided to go to the Souk Madinat Jumeriah. This is an entertainment complex with traditional Arabian souks in it. There are many shops, restaurants and bars to visit as well. It was such as experience to walk down the souks, there are such beautiful things on sale, like the textiles, and everyone is bartering, which is very difficult for me and quite foreign as well. I bought a couple things in the souks, but I probably got ripped off because they knew that I was a tourist, but I guess it doesn’t matter that much, I bought some nice souvenirs.

Emirates DXB 11:00p → BKK 8:20a 6h 20m nonstop

total cost: $848

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